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2013-06-11 22:57:59 +0100 asked a question ergodic markov chain - steady state

Hello every one

Is there anyway to define the ergodic markov chain or even the steady-state probability and select one state based on the given probability for each iteration??

Best Aissan

2013-06-11 10:08:39 +0100 asked a question Un bounded Answer MILP


I have an MILP problem .... I set the max of the all variables but some times the sage give me un bounded answer .....

Do you have any suggestion ... I even considered a constraint which is ( the objective function < T ) and defined T as a Integer variable and minimized the T .... but still it happened some times ......

Best Aissan

2013-06-11 10:04:37 +0100 commented question wrong Answer in MILP :sage

I considered the if which check the value if it bigger than 0.5 it consider 1 otherwise zero ...... anyway I am so grateful for all your consideration ...

2013-06-11 10:01:04 +0100 commented question wrong Answer in MILP :sage

yes I checked ........ I found the problem .... I used the get value, since it give me the real value sometimes it give some value near the zero or one

2013-06-06 22:25:32 +0100 asked a question wrong Answer in MILP :sage

hello everyone ....

I have MILP optimization problem. when I solve the problem and use the get_values function:

Although I sets the variables BINARY but it give me real values like(+0.0) or (-0.0).... it caused I get the value wrong because when i check the value ==0 or ==1 in this case i receive the wrong answer.....

any suggestion.....???

Thanks Aissan