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As a few naive questions, how does connected to http://localhost:8000 distinguish between the different versions of SAGE? How do you "save as" in the virtual machine (it just gives me a box to type in a name, and not the folder)? If you are using SCP, what is the Host name?

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The simplest version is to use your host OS web browser and connect to http://localhost:8000. Then "save as" the worksheet to your host computer.

If you use "save as" in the virtual machine then you'll save your worksheet in a file inside the virtual machine. If you set up a shared directory ( then you can use "save as" in the virtual machine and save to the shared directory, making it accessible to the host.

Yet more complicated alternative: use scp to copy files from the VM to the host.

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I have followed the directions here: in order to install SAGE in windows and share files between SAGE and windows.

After spending a couple of hours, I can import a SAGE notebook from the shared folder to the SAGE running on Oracle. However, I still cannot figure out how to take files from the SAGE running on Oracle and move them to Windows.

My guess is I should use the "save as", but then it just gives me a textbox for the name, and trying to type in some filename just got me an invalid address (and a white screen that I didn't know how to get rid of without restarting SAGE).

I try could change it to plain text, and then manually copy it over (and manually reformat it for indents), but that seems inelegant. Also, the clipboard in SAGE and windows seem to be unlinked, so I also don't know how to copy and paste between windows and SAGE.