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2010-09-07 12:59:44 -0600 answered a question Sage binary system requirements

Thanks for a short handbook for some teachers, I'm just interessted in the minimal system requirements for binary, as I normaly use a source based linux, I haven't the problem, but we had experienced last week problems using a binary package on an older box, so it would be interessting to get here some infos about what is at least necessary to run the binary packages...

2010-09-06 17:03:18 -0600 commented answer Sage Logo usage

Hi Jason, thanks, missed that link somehow on the webpage but nice to get so quickly a reply here...

2010-09-06 17:01:16 -0600 asked a question Sage binary system requirements

Hallo together,

as I try to write a little howto for sage, I would start a little poll with that question. If you are using a system lower then a Core2Duo CPU in combination with a binary installation, please let me know about it, so I get the best fit for a minimal system requirement for running a binary sage system.

Greetings golodhrim

2010-09-06 15:12:13 -0600 asked a question Sage Logo usage

Hello Fellowers,

as I'm going to write a little howto for sage, my question now is if there is somewhere mentioned under what kind of license the Sage Logo is publict or in what context one is allowed to use it for puplications?

Greetings golodhrim