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2013-04-04 23:40:40 +0200 commented answer updating sage

Effectively, I download by torrent and now I can import to virtualbox. Thanks a lot :D

2013-04-04 00:17:02 +0200 commented answer updating sage

Thanks for yor answer, i download fastsum and follow your steps, but I don't know how to run on md5sum as "$ md5sum sage-5.8.ova". I run on fastsum the file sage5.8 that I have and the answer is "C8942480E5738CF7C6E158AB2A0C420B *sage-5.8.ova"

2013-04-02 13:39:41 +0200 commented answer updating sage

I do all the steps for download, in fact that's the way I install sage 4.72 ( i had this version for a previous download one year ago and I could import to virtualbox). But now, I download sage 5.7 and 5.8 from metalink, and both fail when I try to import to virtualbox. I think that maybe the problem is in the download....

2013-04-01 19:32:17 +0200 answered a question updating sage

I download sage 5.8 but I can't import to virtualbox... I don't know what happens and I don't believe that the problem is in virtuabox becouse I could install sage 4.72. So what is the problem?, Do I have to change something in the package that I download to make it useful in virtualbox?, somebody help me please

2013-04-01 15:18:13 +0200 asked a question updating sage

I have windows 7. I download sage 5.7, but when I have to import to virtualbox doesn't work and only respond "error importando servicio virtualizado"; so i have to work with a previous version sage 4.72 Now i'm downloading sage 5.8 and i hope it works; if I have success importing sage to virtualbox, what should i do? Delete sage 4.72 and then install sage 5.8? What happens with all my worksheets?