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2013-04-19 18:04:15 +0200 asked a question sage server running on ubuntu and server_pool with mac machines


I have sage server running on ubuntu installed via ubuntu-ppa listed on your Binaries for linux page. But when I configured the server_pool to have mac machines, I get this /usr/lib/sagemath/sage not found since on the mac machines, sage is installed on /Applications/sage directory.

I tried setting the SAGE_ROOT environment variable to /Applications/sage and add that path to the PATH environment variable on the mac. I also changed the sshd to allow user environment variable but the server running on the ubuntu still complaining about /usr/lib/sagemath/sage is not found and not looking for sage in /Applications/sage directory.

any help is much appreciated.

thank you


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2013-03-22 15:43:27 +0200 asked a question Sage installation administration

Hello there,

Not sure if I am looking at the right place for documentation, but I am not able to find much documentation on sage system installation administration. Most of the documentation I can find talks about using sage and installing them. What about for administration of the installation? The following questions come to mind:

  1. Where are the user password on one sage installation stored? Can that password be shared across multiple sage installation on a same local area network? How are they administered?

  2. How do you perform a backup on a sage installation? Just make a copy of all the files in .sage directory? [ for default installation where everything points to .sage directory]

Where can I find documentation on topics more towards the administration of sage installation than using sage?

thanks -simon

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thanks kcrisman

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2013-03-20 12:45:17 +0200 asked a question Sage 5.8 installation on OSX 10.7.x - which binary to install?


I looked around (maybe not comprehensive enough, sorry) but which sage binary am I suppose to install for OSX 10.7.x OS? From the download website I find

sage-5.8-OSX-64bit-10.8-x86_64-Darwin.dmg sage-5.8-OSX-64bit-10.8-x86_64-Darwin-app.dmg sage-5.8-OSX-64bit-10.6-x86_64-Darwin.dmg sage-5.8-OSX-64bit-10.6-x86_64-Darwin-app.dmg

the 10.6 or 10.8?

I know the differences between the sage.dmg and sage-app.dmg.

I have tried 10.8 with segmentation fault but 10.6 seems to be working. But am I suppose to use the 10.6 binary on 10.7? Or do need to upgrade my 10.7 to 10.8?

thanks -simon

2013-03-19 16:46:14 +0200 asked a question Setup multiple sage webservers to access the same data


We don't have a one super powerful machine in the lab to run sage webserver. If we have several users running scripts on the sage webserver at the same time, it will probably overload the machine. So we would like to setup webserver on local machines (by installing sage locally on each machine). But we would like all sage installations to access the same set of data. Preferably the data will reside elsewhere on our main server machine. Where can I find documentation to set sage up in that manner?

Thanks -simon