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2013-04-15 03:45:57 -0600 asked a question coefficient() with composite variable

Say I have something like this:

test=b*a + c*a + 3*a + b + c

I can find that the coefficient of 'a' is (b+c+3) using:


However, I am interested in find the coefficient of $ab$ (which in this case would just be $1$). I tried


but it just returns zero. Is something like this possible?

2013-03-18 08:35:30 -0600 commented question solving system of equations

I also have a system that Sage cranks and cranks on but never returns an answer: var('r,s,m,n,l,A,B,C,D,E,F') solve([2*m - 2*r==2*A*m*l + B*n*l + D*l, 2*n-2*s==B*m*l + 2*C*l*n + E*l, A*m + B*m*n + C*n^2 + D*m + E*n + F == 0], m, n, l) Any thoughts as to why this happens?