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2012-12-16 05:04:29 +0200 answered a question What's the syntax error in this code?

Sage can't plot beat right, I can't understand why.

I want to see plot like this , but my code shows me only graph, which has black line in a pic. But I want to have both graphs on my plot :)

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2012-12-16 03:26:39 +0200 asked a question What's the syntax error in this code?

Hello I'm writing a program which outputs ,according to the user's choice, either Lissagous curve or beat.

Here's a code and I can't find my error because Sage on Android doesn't show where error is.

print "Choose 1 for Lissajous curve and 2 for beat"
def choise(v =(1..2)):
  if v==1:
    def lissa(delta = ContiniousSlider(interval=(-pi,pi)),a = (1..10),b = (1,10)):
      p = parametric_plot(cos(a*t+delta),cos(b*t),(t,0,5*pi))
    def beat(a = ContiniousSlider(interval = (0,5)), omega = ContiniousSlider(interval = (0,5)),percent = ContiniousSlider(interval = (0,0.1))):
      domega = percent*omega;
      p = parametric_plot(2*a*cos(domega/2*t)*cos(omega*t),2*a*cos(domega/2*t),(t,0,5*pi))