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2020-07-23 01:51:33 +0200 commented answer Pade approximation

That's because the rational function in x returned by pade is not a symbolic expression. You can cast it back into the SymbolicRing and then take the Taylor series:

sage: SR(f.taylor(x, 0, 12).power_series(QQ).pade(3, 3)).taylor(x, 0, 12) -27/625*x^11 + 9/125*x^9 - 3/25*x^7 + 1/5*x^5 - 1/3*x^3 + x

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2014-07-16 14:10:26 +0200 asked a question can i make a worksheet public on sagemathcloud?

It would be great to be able to make a worksheet or a whole project world-viewable on SageMathCloud. Is this currently possible?

(Here is the precise use case I'm looking at: I am making public some Sage code that I used extensively for a paper, but I would like to go further and create a "demo" worksheet that contains that code together with some simple examples of usage. I'd love to be able to just link to the worksheet from github, so that whoever is interested can immediately try it out.)