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2012-10-02 18:12:11 +0200 commented answer Rstat -interpreter and Haskell -interpreters to Sage?

`"Haskell does not interface with Sage."` <--- what does this mean? Why not Haskell? It looks to be useful for beginner mathematician, more [here](

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2012-10-02 15:08:28 +0200 asked a question Rstat -interpreter and Haskell -interpreters to Sage?

I use mostly R and Python but interested in Haskell. Now I have Sage in iPad, more here, and totally novel idea whether I could get R and Haskell to iPad? You can find the iOS Sage code here. I had an impression that Sage is a bunch of different softwares.

  1. Where can I find Sage's dependencies?

  2. Is it possible to run R -code or Haskell -code in Sage?