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2015-02-01 16:36:56 -0500 commented answer cannot calculate limit

The maxima command is: limit((1+sqrt(n+1))^(-n-1)/(1+sqrt(n))^(-n),n,inf)

Returns zero with Maxima 5.24.0 and is not evaluated when running in

2012-10-29 12:46:44 -0500 commented answer Restrict taylor() to only find genuine Taylor series

Maybe another suggestion: test, if the function is well defined at the point which is the center of the Taylor polynomial. This should work also for multivariable series. Or expand along each variable separately and test the smallest power.

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2012-10-28 14:17:52 -0500 answered a question Restrict taylor() to only find genuine Taylor series

You may test if the minimum of the powers is nonnegative

point, order = 0, 4
powers=[i[1] for i in g.coefficients()]
2012-10-15 18:33:04 -0500 answered a question Finding solution to nonlinear equations numerically in a range

Hi, the system is special in some sense, I think that you can do the following

p=1 - (1 - (1 - (1 - 0.01)^1036)^20)*(1 - t)^(9)
eq1 = t==(2*(1 - 2*p))/((1 - 2*p)*16 + 15*p(1 - (2*p)^1023))

and then

2012-10-14 19:00:11 -0500 commented answer Phase portraits of 2-dimensional systems

Hello, If I run the code with sage notebok running on my laptop, new window from wxmaxima program with phase portrait appears. Probably will not work over the web (like

2012-09-15 01:45:58 -0500 marked best answer No error messages in my Sage Cell server is running version 2 of the server, which has updated the error handling. is running version 1 of the server. Indeed, it looks like aleph1 is not returning the error message either.

There isn't any development work happening on version 1 anymore (since about the beginning of summer), so this is unlikely to be fixed unless someone submits a pull request.

2012-09-15 01:10:29 -0500 commented answer No error messages in my Sage Cell server

Thank you, I'll try version 2.

2012-09-11 23:09:23 -0500 commented question Can I access my notebook worksheets in another computer via my account?

Simply move the virtual machine to another computer with virtualbox.

2012-09-10 22:28:11 -0500 asked a question No error messages in my Sage Cell server

I installed sagecell server on Sage5.2 and I have two problems: with jmol graphic and error messages

Edit: (Jmol resolved - the problem was in the browser, not in the server), the problem that I do not see some error reports persists. Any idea?


If the computation finishes fine, I can see the output (including plots). If the computation fails, I see empty cell (and no div with error message in Firebug). The code

throws error message on my server, as expected. However, the code

throws error on, but not on my server.

Current state

I installed the sage cell server as follows:

  1. compiled sage 5.2 from sources, tested and installed tickets 12719 and 13121 following the instructions in the description to these tickets

  2. changed host IP address in (the installation in the text only virtual machine in vmware).

  3. allowed 'ProxyPreserveHost On' in apache configuration to keep correct url's, as described in one of the posts in sage-devel

Can you help me? Many thanks.

The machine is installed on a server and apache2.conf is used to forward ports. However, the results are the same if I run the machine in VMware player and access directly from the same machine which runs the VMware player.

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2012-08-31 22:01:04 -0500 marked best answer Typeset math expressions in sage cell server

Not currently, but you can always use show to typeset some expression on an expression-by-expression basis, like show(x^2).

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2012-08-29 22:34:51 -0500 asked a question Typeset math expressions in sage cell server

Dear all,

is it possible to turn on 2D math formating of the output in the Sage cell server? Something like the "Typeset" checkbox in Sage worksheet. Many thanks.