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2015-11-06 15:18:51 +0100 commented answer TOPCOM package on cloud

Thanks! yesterday i send a mail to the support team, this morning they integrated the package into the cloud version. It works now!

2015-11-04 10:19:29 +0100 asked a question TOPCOM package on cloud


I'm trying to do Triangulations of a point configuration in the cloud. I can only use the basic functions, for the more advanced functions i need to install the topcom package. Can someone tell me how to do this in the cloud version of sagemath?

thanks in advance

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2015-10-28 14:56:36 +0100 commented answer How can i use multiple sage worksheet in the cloud?

When using 'attach' i got some problems with my global variables ("NameError: name 'Integer' is not defined"). Instead i use 'load' now, this works fine. It all works now. Thanks!

2015-10-28 09:26:00 +0100 asked a question How can i use multiple sage worksheet in the cloud?


Since a few days i'm using the cloud version of sagemath. I have made two different worksheet with defined function in them so far. Now i want to make a program which uses functions of both worksheets.

I really have no idea how i can use the function of a worksheet(.sagews file) in another worksheet. I've tried to convert the sagews file into a sage file and attach it but that didnt work. i'm getting the following error: "NameError: name 'Integer' is not defined".

Can someone tell me how to fix this?

thanks in advance