Hide source code on published worksheet

asked 2013-02-22 20:11:23 +0200

Displaying code for readers might be helpful but there are times when hiding them makes the published worksheet more readable, especially when you use sagenotebook for demonstration rather than for tutorials. For my case, I've used %hide in each cell to hide the cells and code(http://alpha.sagenb.org/home/pub/445/). However the published worksheet always displays the code which is undesirable. Is there anyway to surpress sagenotebook from displaying the cells that include sage commands?

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It is even worse: code that returns 3D-plots seems to get broken in published worksheets when it contains a %hide command. I gave up trying to hide code, but I agree it would be a very useful feature.

Dirk Danckaert gravatar imageDirk Danckaert ( 2013-02-24 12:06:35 +0200 )edit

Try this http://sage.math.washington.edu/home/jason/sagecell/embedding.html and it can hide the code but it is not published on Sagenotebook.

Zheng gravatar imageZheng ( 2013-04-08 14:51:14 +0200 )edit