finding specific vectors froma parallelogram [closed]

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I have no idea what to do for this problem. Any help would be appreaciated.

Consider the parallelogram of the following picture.

a) Rewrite the following cross products using (vector v) cross product (vector w). Simplify your answers.

i) (vector AB) cross product (vector AC) ii) (vector AC) cross product (vector AD) iii) (vector AB) cross product (vector DC) iv) (vector AC) cross product (vector BD)

(b) For each of the following pairs of vectors, draw the original parallelogram and a new parallelogram whose sides are equal to the given vectors. Use these parallelograms to explain geometrically the corresponding algebraic result of (a).

i) vector AB, vector AC ii) vector AC, vector AD iv) vector AC, vector BD

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Again, is this homework? If so, you are in the wrong place! :)

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Agreed. @bob, if you can't change this into a Sage-specific question, we'll probably close or even delete it :(

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