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Running Sage from the commad line in Ubuntu 12.04

asked 2012-12-25 13:00:15 -0600

jdioses gravatar image

I'm relatively new to Sage and to GNU/ Linux. Sorry in advance if this question seem silly. But I need to learn how to do this. Here is my problem:

I have Sage installed from source in /usr/local/src. So every time I want to run Sage I have to type on the terminal

$ cd /usr/local/src/sage-5.4.1/

and once inside this directory, I have to type


How can I start Sage directly at the prompt $ just by typing "sage"?

Thanks a lot for the answer.

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answered 2012-12-25 13:11:53 -0600

ppurka gravatar image

Open $HOME/.bashrc in a text editor and add the path to the PATH environment variable by adding this line to the file

export PATH="/usr/local/src/sage-5.4.1:$PATH"

Save the file and either open a new terminal, or type exec bash in the current terminal. Just sage should work now. You will need to edit the above line whenever you have a new Sage installation. This is a standard unix way of making things work without giving the absolute path to the commands. Search Google for unix PATH to learn more.

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I installed it to /home/leon/sage-8.8. How do I create a command sage that runs the program? I can't find $HOME/.bashrc in the home folder. Btw, I have Linux Mint Mate 19.1.

Leon gravatar imageLeon ( 2019-07-17 03:53:41 -0600 )edit

answered 2012-12-25 14:23:34 -0600

jdioses gravatar image


Great! I'll make a Google search to learn more about PATH. And thanks a lot!

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