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Matplotlib curve is out of axes boundaries

asked 2012-08-16 23:49:11 +0100

anonymous user


I am using matplotlib to plot some figures. But after update from sage 4.8 to sage 5.2, I get some "tails" out of axes boundaries. How to turn it off?

image description


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Can you post the code for the plot so that I can reproduce this kind of behavior.

Shashank gravatar imageShashank ( 2012-08-17 17:21:13 +0100 )edit

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answered 2012-08-17 22:05:00 +0100

kote gravatar image

I export figure to the svg format. This is bug in my OS - some svg files displayed incorrectly. Firefox and Inskape open this svg correctly. Old version of SageMath gives little different svg-file, but sure that it is not a SageMath fault.

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Asked: 2012-08-16 23:49:11 +0100

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