Accessing functions inside .gp files

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I am newbie thus please forgive me if my request is trivial! I want to read a file of gp extension. And in that file, I have functions. How could call these functions when I want to use it?
Example: In sage notebook()

1. pari.allocatemem(90000000)
2. Z.<x>=GF(2)[]
3. p = x^163 + x^7 + x^6 + x^3 + 1
4. b = 0x423d0900aeb5645491fee539c297946cbc6a4f1f5
5. p1 = p.polynomial(x)
6. bb = Z(b.digits(2))
7. a1 = gp.Mod(bb._pari_(), p)
9. gp.ecpc(p1, a1)

When, I try the above code in a terminal, it works fine. But when I try it in sage notebook(), it works till line 8. And when it reaches 9, it says

Traceback (click to the left of this block for traceback)
* not a function in function call
That means, I am unable to call the function ecpc inside the file. Thus, could you help me how to access that function being outside?

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