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Record output of timeit in variable

asked 2012-04-03 00:49:33 -0500

chaesloc2 gravatar image

updated 2012-04-03 02:59:37 -0500

Jason Grout gravatar image

How can I record in a variable the amount of time taken by a function? I read somewhere that timeit is the good way to time stuff, but it seems to print its output instead of returning it.

If possible, I would prefer not to redirect streams or redefine print, etc.

EDIT: got it, leaving the question for reference.


returns a number.

This should probably get a mention in 'timeit?'.

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answered 2012-04-03 07:08:14 -0500

When I execute timeit?, I see


This method prints the timing information and does not return
anything, except if the option "seconds=True" was passed, in which
case the wall time in seconds is returned.

I suppose it could be more prominent, but it is there.

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That's not what I see; I don't get an OUTPUT section. I suppose my version is too old (4.7.2). Anyway, thanks!

chaesloc2 gravatar imagechaesloc2 ( 2012-04-03 08:15:35 -0500 )edit

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