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Converting kernel to matrix

asked 2011-01-09 07:15:35 +0200

Mustafa gravatar image

I construct a matrix A and compute its kernel by

A = matrix(GF(2),vectors)
B = A.kernel()

Now I want to convert B to a matrix, such that I can use .nrows() and other matrix-methods, how to do that?

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answered 2011-01-09 08:50:18 +0200

DSM gravatar image

(Showing my work).

The first thing I tried was the obvious:

sage: vectors = [[1,0,1],[1,0,1],[1,1,0]]
sage: A = matrix(GF(2),vectors)
sage: B = A.kernel()
sage: matrix(B)
ValueError                                Traceback (most recent call last)
ValueError: Invalid matrix constructor.  Type matrix? for help

which didn't work. So looked at B:

sage: B
Vector space of degree 3 and dimension 1 over Finite Field of size 2
Basis matrix:
[1 1 0]

and saw that it clearly knows about the matrix I think you're looking for. In Sage, functionality often lives inside objects, so if you type help(B) or or type "B." and then tab, you can see the list of internal functions, and I found both .matrix and .basis_matrix. I think either should work here, so:

sage: M = B.basis_matrix()
sage: M
[1 1 0]
sage: type(M)
<type 'sage.matrix.matrix_mod2_dense.Matrix_mod2_dense'>
sage: M.nrows()

Is that what you were after?

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That is it! Thank you.

Mustafa gravatar imageMustafa ( 2011-01-09 16:06:01 +0200 )edit

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