how to change the subset function

asked 2010-09-20 03:15:05 +0200

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updated 2011-04-28 17:56:47 +0200

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give subset??

get the code how to make change's to file and take subset with more conditions to the same code run it I triend running in python but some module's are missing or there are some error's possed I tried to find module's asked but unable to find like banner,version,prandom

Help me what to do to Re use the subset with some more contions to it rewritten by me.

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It is difficult to understand your question. Can you be more specific?

ccanonc gravatar imageccanonc ( 2010-09-20 12:29:59 +0200 )edit

I suggested that sriram could get a function with the particular behavior asked about here and elsewhwere by modifying the source code for the subset function; it seems that there is some trouble doing this, but I'm not sure what to recommend.

niles gravatar imageniles ( 2010-09-20 13:46:34 +0200 )edit

What is the workflow of the use-case?

ccanonc gravatar imageccanonc ( 2010-09-20 14:37:31 +0200 )edit

I'm not quite sure what you're asking, but what I suggested was something like: take working code that does almost what you want, copy it somewhere you can work on it (and have it still work), and modify it to suit your purposes. I think the "copy it somewhere" part is what's tricky.

niles gravatar imageniles ( 2010-09-20 15:05:50 +0200 )edit

Sorry, "use-case" is compsci jargon for user scenario. I think if we understood what sriram wants to do, there may be an easier way; but you would know better than I. Often times enumerating the scenarios/workflows of various "actors" (users) brings out the heart of an engineering problem.

ccanonc gravatar imageccanonc ( 2010-09-20 15:31:12 +0200 )edit