Information-set decoding(ISD) for linear codes

asked 2024-03-19 05:23:19 +0200

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ISD is used to attack code-base encryption such as McEliece. I'm utilizing the class of : sage.coding.information_set_decoder.LinearCodeInformationSetDecoder

I'm not what function will estimate the number of operation it takes to decode (decrypt) the encoded word? I need to find the security level of my system as 2 to the power of binary operations. Seems like the function (estimate_time) is a fixed value for the specific algorithm and has nothing to do with decoding a single encrypted vector. See the Sage math documentation for this class in : (

Please help me understand how can I utilize this class to test the security of McEliece ( given specific parameter).


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I'm not sure if Sage has a time estimator... You should probably use Syndrome Decoding Estimator (

grhkm gravatar imagegrhkm ( 2024-04-03 03:40:34 +0200 )edit