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It would be ok to incorporate veusz into sage?

asked 2010-08-29 00:49:09 +0200

ngativ gravatar image

Today i saw this [], and it looks cool doing numerical data 2d plots+interactive interface installed into sage and works fine, It uses PyQt4

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answered 2010-08-29 01:04:23 +0200

mvngu gravatar image

You have three choices in how you can include Veusz in Sage: as a standard package, as an optional spkg, or as a contributed (formerly known as experimental) spkg. A contributed spkg doesn't need to be run through the rigorous testing and quality assurance that optional and standard spkg's go through. You assume all responsibility with respect to a contributed spkg: for testing that spkg, how well it integrates with Sage, etc. The Sage project takes no active role in maintaining a contributed spkg. It is up to you to maintain it.

An optional spkg needs to pass a number of hurdles before it can be accepted. But the greatest hurdles of all rest with standard spkg's. The Sage project hosts these three types of packages.

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ok, it uses qt4py which is an experimental package, so what kind of package it should be?

ngativ gravatar imagengativ ( 2010-08-29 01:16:22 +0200 )edit

Try making Veusz a contributed spkg first for your personal use. It is conceivable that over time, a large group of Sage users find Veusz useful for their own work. Then with a little more work, it's possible to migrate Veusz to the status of an optional spkg.

mvngu gravatar imagemvngu ( 2010-08-29 01:20:23 +0200 )edit

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