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Is it possible to use a Bitmap Image as a Graphics object?

asked 2024-02-17 14:18:21 +0200

mlv gravatar image

updated 2024-02-17 14:18:58 +0200

I can use PIL.Image or sage.repl.image in Sagemath. Can I mix bitmap (non-vector) images with Sagemath Graphics objects (such as circle, text, plot, list_plot, etc)?

For example, if I have 3 bitmap images A, B, C and 4 plots P, Q, R, S, how can I use graphics_array to display them as tiles in 2 rows and 3 columns?

       A     P      C+Q
       R     B       S

where C+Q means adding bitmap images and graphics to the same Graphics object (for example: superimpose list_plot and text on a background PNG image)

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answered 2024-02-17 21:20:51 +0200

eric_g gravatar image

FWIW, it is possible to superpose a SageMath plot to a png image, via Matplotlib. The first step is to convert the plot to a Matplotlib object via the method matplotlib() and then use imgshow()to superpose the image. An example in shown in cell [26] of

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Thanks for the comment. I looked at the example, which is very helpful. Do you have an example of displaying multiple images at different location of the same single matplotlib plot? I am interested in displaying images as tiles in a grid manner.

I am still looking at a solution without using matplotlib if possible.

mlv gravatar imagemlv ( 2024-02-21 16:34:47 +0200 )edit

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