How to load jupyter in sagemath

asked 2023-12-29 12:13:37 +0200

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After a big struggle to install Sagemath in Ubuntu, the command line of sagemath works. But I want to use it with Jupyter. I have install it but

sage -n jupyter

leads to the following error

TypeError: warn() missing 1 required keyword-only argument: 'stacklevel'.

Thanks for an answer. Subsequently I would like to know, when installed corectly how to lounch Jupyter from my browser.

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lounch Jupyter from my browser.

As far as aI can tell, you have it backwards. The standard invocatoion to jauch Sage in a Jupyter notebook is sage -n jupyter. This implies that the sage script :

  • launches a Python interpreter ;

  • sets up a Sage REPL in this interpreter ;

  • uses Jupyter to create a Web server communicating

    • with the Sage interpretervia standard IPC ;

    • with the user via the client-server model ofthe Web ;

  • opens the homepage of this server (opening a Web browser if no browser instance exists in the user's machine).

Hope this is clear.

Emmanuel Charpentier gravatar imageEmmanuel Charpentier ( 2023-12-29 20:48:25 +0200 )edit

The error you report is but the last line of what Sage prints on the stderr ; it reports only the type of error, but not where it happens and how this has been reached. Οἰδίπους may have been able to solve this riddle.., I am most certainly not.

Could you please report all lines printed by Sage ?

Emmanuel Charpentier gravatar imageEmmanuel Charpentier ( 2023-12-29 21:00:48 +0200 )edit