How do you use sage efficiently?

asked 2023-11-05 04:42:22 +0100

wayneyam gravatar image

I feel like my current workflow has a lot to optimize.

I currently use Neovim with the LSP config that the default installation provides, but that doesn't have autocomplete feature, seems like that's because many of sagemath's function return value are un-typed.

I like the functionality the interactive shell provides, things like autocomplete really saves a lot of time searching through the documentation. But I don't think using the interactive shell is a scalable solution.

How do you use sagemath with maximum efficiency?

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I think the emacs interface to Sagemath is more developed, because people correctly understand that emacs is superior to vim ;)

John Palmieri gravatar imageJohn Palmieri ( 2023-11-05 06:04:19 +0100 )edit