make: * No rule to make target 'all-toolchain'. Stop.

asked 2023-04-05 09:54:18 +0100

Hello, I am trying to download the database of reflexive 4d lattice polytopes using the command !sage -i polytopes_db_4d, but I get the error: make: * No rule to make target 'all-toolchain'. Stop.

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  • How did you install Sage ?

  • On what platform are you working ?

My guess is that you are trying to install an optional package in a Sage installed by a binary package, probably on Windows. This won't work.

Installing an optional package currently requires some tools built when installing from source and not otherwise available. So this will currently work only in a locally built from source installation.

It's not that hard...

Emmanuel Charpentier gravatar imageEmmanuel Charpentier ( 2023-04-06 10:08:35 +0100 )edit