html plot render on VScode jupyter

asked 2022-11-27 06:51:42 +0200

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I am running sagemath on WSL2, and use jupyter on VScode. But the html plot render (e.g. plot3d) of sagemath doesn't work. According to Launching SageMath page in sage documentation, online three.js is the default render. But plot3d(lambda u,v:(u^2+v^2)/4-2,(-2,2),(-2,2)).show() doesn't give the plot, and only when online is assigned to True, plot3d(lambda u,v:(u^2+v^2)/4-2,(-2,2),(-2,2), online=True).show() works.

So why this result is different from expected behavior and how can I use plot3d without assign online manually?

Thanks in advance.

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