Unable to print a poset from Posets(15)

asked 2022-09-25 11:51:53 +0100

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updated 2022-09-25 12:04:36 +0100

I am interested in finding posets with some specific property. To do that, I am running the following loop:

P = Posets(15)
For p in P:
    if "xyz" condition holds:

I have observed that my code is stuck on P[28] for hours. Note that it went for P[0] to P[27] within few seconds. It is working for smaller values of $n$, i.e., for $n=5,6$. I have also tried to plot P[28] seperately but it is just processing.

Can anyone please help me regarding this?

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Does it work without "xyz" condition? Can you provide a minimal working code example that illustrates the issue?

Max Alekseyev gravatar imageMax Alekseyev ( 2022-09-25 13:00:54 +0100 )edit

Iterating over posets up to isomorphism is difficult. This hangs because the next poset is hard to find. This could maybe be enhanced by making a better interface to a version of nauty which can perform this iteration on posets.

FrédéricC gravatar imageFrédéricC ( 2022-09-25 14:03:34 +0100 )edit
FrédéricC gravatar imageFrédéricC ( 2022-09-25 14:04:20 +0100 )edit