Adding path entries in kernel.json does not work

asked 2022-08-29 21:44:54 +0200

murraye gravatar image

According to comment 5 at, the following edited kernel.json ought to make both octave and Macaulay2's M2 available to the jupyter kernel in a SageMath jupyter notebook session:

{"argv": ["/var/tmp/sage-9.6-current/venv/bin/sage", "--python", "-m", "sage.repl.ipython_kernel", "-f", "{connection_file}"], "display_name": "SageMath 9.6", "language": "sage", "env": {"PATH":"/Applications/Macaulay2-1.20/bin:/opt/local/bin:$PATH"}}

Nonetheless, after this change and a fresh restart of, neither octave nor macaulay2 work there.

Environment: SageMath-9.6-1.4.2 arm64 version under macOs 12.5.1 on an M1 Mac.

How fix?


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