make looks for library in the wrong directory

asked 2022-08-06 21:59:40 +0100

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updated 2022-08-08 10:46:54 +0100

I tried to compile Sagemath from source following the instructions in [GitHub]. Make fails with two errors. While inspecting the log file logs/pkgs/suitesparse-5.10.1.log, I see these lines:

g++: error: /usr/lib64/ No such file or directory

g++: error: /usr/lib64/ No such file or directory

Those libraries don't exist in /usr/lib64 indeed, but they are in another directory. How do I tell make to look in the other directory instead?

I'm on Ubuntu 20.04 on a fairly recent AMD processor (I forgot which one, but a ZEN 2 for sure).

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on which operating system ? on which processor ? etc, etc

FrédéricC gravatar imageFrédéricC ( 2022-08-08 10:16:41 +0100 )edit

@FredericC, you are right, I forgot adding that information. I updated the question.

Andyfc gravatar imageAndyfc ( 2022-08-08 10:38:39 +0100 )edit