importing .ipynb notebooks in Sagemath 9.4

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Following Python/Sagemath9.4/Jupyter error?
Using jupyter with kernel selections:sagemath9.4, python3
I found that the import works if the file pyt.ipynb is written with the Jupyter kernel Python3 selected, but can't be read if it's written from Sagemath9.4 kernel.
Is there a more correct way or is it a bug?
File pyt.ipynb to be imported

def factorial(n):
if n == 0:
    return 1
    return n * factorial(n-1)

File for importing

from ipynb.fs.full.pyt import *
testing = factorial(5)

Here is the "diff" output, comparing the python3 save and the sagemath9.4 save
diff pyt.ipynb pyt-python.ipynb

< "display_name": "SageMath 9.4",
< "language": "sage",
< "name": "sagemath"

'> "display_name": "Python 3",
'> "language": "python",
'> "name": "python3"

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This question is relative to a Python [module] not part of Sage nor part of a standard Python distribution, and should be asked on the module's issues page with better chance of getting an answer.

Emmanuel Charpentier gravatar imageEmmanuel Charpentier ( 2021-12-26 08:31:17 +0200 )edit

Thanks, I will post it there. Perhaps an MI program would be useful to navigate the labyrinth of help sites; for the future :) Upon thinking about it; for other users I think I will leave this question up.

rrogers gravatar imagerrogers ( 2021-12-26 17:18:41 +0200 )edit