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installing sagemath on Windows 10

asked 2021-11-22 12:25:02 +0100

stefan2500 gravatar image


I am going to install SageMath on my dell laptop, Windows 10.

I downloaded from GitHub the following installer:


I have one question: should I first install python on my machine? Or python will be installed automatically during installation of Sage?



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2 Answers

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answered 2021-11-22 18:18:48 +0100

tolga gravatar image

No, you do not need to install anything else. However, version 9.3 can be problematic on some computers. If you experience any problems, try SageMath 9.2 (Windows installer 0.6.2). (not 0.6.1)

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answered 2021-11-22 14:14:13 +0100

tmonteil gravatar image

It is supposed to work out of the box.

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install 9.4 on W10 in WSL2 see:

W1O WSL2 SageMath Installation

I hope the site of Sandy Scott will recover !

ortollj gravatar imageortollj ( 2021-11-23 18:24:19 +0100 )edit

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