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Does the pre-built binary bundle of sage-math come with Jupyter ?

asked 2020-08-06 01:16:19 +0200

l3gi0n gravatar image

I am on Void Linux and I want to install the pre-built binary version of Sagemath...Is Jupyter included in the pre-built binary bundle or should i install Jupyter separately ?

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answered 2020-08-06 13:39:55 +0200

slelievre gravatar image

updated 2020-09-03 02:45:27 +0200

Jupyter is included.

Once you have downloaded and extracted the binary bundle, place an alias to the sage executable somewhere in your path, for instance by running this in the terminal (adapt DIR as needed):

$ DIR=/home/you/SageMath
$ sudo ln -s $DIR/sage /usr/local/bin

This makes it easy to run Sage in the terminal by running sage from anywhere.

To start Jupyter, use one of the following commands in the terminal:

$ sage -n jupyter
$ sage --jupyter notebook

Note: you can also install JupyterLab.

To install JupyterLab for Sage <= 9.2.beta10:

$ sage --pip install jupyterlab

To install JupyterLab for Sage >= 9.2.beta11:

$ sage -i jupyterlab_widgets

Then start it with one of the following commands in the terminal:

$ sage -n jupyterlab
$ sage --jupyter lab
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