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All the simplify() commands

asked 2020-07-17 22:35:05 +0200

EconJohn gravatar image

Is there a source where I can view all the variants of simplify? I know about simplify(),simplify_full(),canonicalize_radical() and simplify_rational(). However I dont know many more than that.

this is useful because often times the expressions I deal with are unpredictable and I will have to use a number of commands to simplify my results.

Is there orderd list of these commands or a cheat sheet?

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answered 2020-07-17 23:38:06 +0200

Emmanuel Charpentier gravatar image
  • In a terminal running Sage in command line, type x.simplify<TAB> where <TAB> is the tabulation key (usually left of the Q key in a QWERTY keyboard). This asks Sage to "auto-complete" your command (in your case, all the methods of x (a symbolic expression) whose name begins with simplify) : it will give you the 9 (in Sage 9.2.beta5) possible choices. canonicalize_radical is an oddball, replacing a former simplify_radical that was (mathematically) too ... radical (long story).

  • The same trick works in a Sage sheet of the Jupyter notebook.

  • My favorite interface (a Sage buffer in emacs + sage-shell-mode) is configured to try the same thing when I pause for more than about 1 second while typing (not leaving a blank after the word I'm typing currently). Qite nice (but I should opt for a slightly longer delay...).

  • The documentation, ... well ... documents various ways of searching and perusing the online documentation (both on your machine and on the Web). You may Google Sagemath documentation, or start here.


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