... `pushforward` method is not properly implemented.

asked 2020-03-12 15:44:28 +0200

ThomasJ gravatar image

When I run a script stored in a file test.sage as follows:

Fqm.<a> = GF(2^16)
Frob = Fqm.frobenius_endomorphism()
P.<z> = Fqm['z', Frob]

And then load this in sage with sage: load("test.sage"), everything is fine. But then when I load it a second time in the same instance of sage with sage: load("test.sage"), I get the following error message:

None fails to convert into the map's domain Finite Field in a of size 2^16, but a `pushforward` method is not properly implemented.

For field sizes smaller than 2^16 it seems to work without problems but as soon as I make the field 2^16 or larger this error occurs on a second call of the script. Placing a reset() function at the beginning of the script also does not help. Only closing sage completely and then loading the script again. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? I'm using the newest sage version 9.0.

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