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interact still using sagenb ?

asked 2020-03-09 03:40:50 -0600

ortollj gravatar image

SageMath 9.0 , Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS

in sage terminal:

def _(n=(1,20)):

Sage Interact Quick Start

gives the error:ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'sagenb'

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answered 2020-03-09 05:40:53 -0600

tmonteil gravatar image

As it is a graphical application, you should better run this in a jupyter notebook, not in the sage terminal. That said, on 9.1.beta4, i do not get your error, instead i got a piece of html.

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but what you recommend does not apply for MatPlotLib Animation. see the post :matplotlib Animation in Jupyter notebook

(works in sage terminal but does not work in Jupyter notebook)

ortollj gravatar imageortollj ( 2020-03-10 02:38:53 -0600 )edit

ok @tmonteil,

finally you were right see the post with the link above .

ortollj gravatar imageortollj ( 2020-03-14 14:26:49 -0600 )edit

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