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Package for Ubuntu 19.10

asked 2019-11-01 08:42:08 -0600

siriak gravatar image

When the packages will be available for Ubuntu 19.10 to be installed through apt?

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answered 2019-11-02 12:41:02 -0600

eric_g gravatar image

I guess this question should be asked to Ubuntu packagers.

If no package is available, you can easily build SageMath 8.9 from source: install first the following Ubuntu packages, which are prerequisites for the build:

Then, In a console, do

git clone
cd sage
MAKE="make -j8" make
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I managed to build it, but I can't install it to call sage from anywhere.

make install -j 4 gives this output after building everything

make[3]: Leaving directory '/home/siriak/Downloads/sage/build/make' make '/home/siriak/Downloads/sage/local/etc/sage-started.txt' make[3]: Entering directory '/home/siriak/Downloads/sage/build/make' if [ -z "$SAGE_INSTALL_FETCH_ONLY" ]; then \ cd /home/siriak/Downloads/sage/src && source bin/sage-env && \ sage-logger -p 'time make sage' '/home/siriak/Downloads/sage/logs/pkgs/sagelib-8.9.log'; \ fi [sagelib-8.9] cd . && export \ [sagelib-8.9] SAGE_ROOT=/doesnotexist \

It doesn't fit in comment

siriak gravatar imagesiriak ( 2019-11-03 08:08:47 -0600 )edit

Do you have any ideas on how to install it system-wide?

siriak gravatar imagesiriak ( 2019-11-03 08:24:46 -0600 )edit
eric_g gravatar imageeric_g ( 2019-11-05 04:59:28 -0600 )edit

The link with prerequisites is has expired. I found (this) list (but did not try it).

ARG gravatar imageARG ( 2020-04-25 03:35:57 -0600 )edit

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