elliptic curve : find only x

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im a python programme and some idea of sagemath and c++ and .net i study the btc cryptography seacp256k1

my problem is that

  1. how to find x value where start from nearest of k so my loop is small and find the k

2.how to find cyclic ring where the repeate of x and ecliptic curve on seacp256k1 or bitcoin parameters

3.if i have x,y of public key and address how to find private key descrete logirithm problem loop is very large how can i mage the small cuve , any apprelication or function if availabel in sagemath i required with baby step consider to proof

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Please initialize the curve in sage, or at least give a link for it, else potential answerers will have to search and still have doubts. Then at point one that $k$ is not defined, and for "the loop" i have no starting point. Point two, what is a "cyclic ring"? Something like $\Bbb Z/N$, integers modulo some $N$ (possibly the order of the elliptic curve we do not have)? And what should happen in this ring? ("Repeating $x$" does not make too much sense.) Point three is hard to compile, please give precise reference which baby-step-giant-step algorithm should be involved. I know that a comment like this one to an Anonymous post is almost in vain...

dan_fulea gravatar imagedan_fulea ( 2019-09-25 12:54:52 +0200 )edit