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Difficulty managing to install SageMath on my laptop

asked 2019-09-15 10:36:43 -0600

d.n.g.84 gravatar image

I have a Dell lap-top running Windows 10.I have managed to download SageMath in 3 different ways as described inGregory Bard's book. When I try to install the programme all I get is another invitation to download.The downloads appear in my Download file but refuse to open. Can you help? I am not very computer literate! Norman Grant.

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Hi Norman--if you have a more "computer literate" person near you you might want to ask them for help because it sounds like you're (understandably!) a bit confused, and it's hard to really understand what your problem is (often just knowing the right question to ask requires a degree of expertise...)

Iguananaut gravatar imageIguananaut ( 2019-09-18 03:54:20 -0600 )edit

Also, if you just want to try SageMath, and have good internet access, you can try it out through your web browser without installing anything by making a free account on

Iguananaut gravatar imageIguananaut ( 2019-09-18 03:55:39 -0600 )edit

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answered 2019-09-15 11:23:15 -0600

vdelecroix gravatar image

This is what should be installed

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