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Is there any code to calculate the subgroup generated by the permutations

asked 2019-08-04 08:16:11 +0200

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Consider the Symmetric Group $S_4$

I have three permutations namely $(3,4), (1,2), (1,3)(2,4)$.

How to find the subgroup generated by these permutations ?

Is there any code to calculate in Sagemath the subgroup generated by the permutations given above?

As an example the code should work like this :

If I input $(12)$ the code should give ${(12),e}$

Can someone help please?

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1 Answer

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answered 2019-08-04 08:58:20 +0200

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See subgroup() of PermutationGroup:

sage: G = SymmetricGroup(4)
sage: H = G.subgroup([(1,2)])
sage: list(H)
[(), (1,2)]

Here () denotes the identity permutation.

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Thank you so very much

Captcha gravatar imageCaptcha ( 2019-08-04 14:42:29 +0200 )edit

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