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Automorphism group of edge symmetry

asked 2019-08-01 11:21:31 +0200

sleeve chen gravatar image

I asked a similar question before,

I am curious that is there any similar function for finding "edge symmetry"?

Note: the link I provided is for "node symmetry" in a network (graph).

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Can you clarify what you mean by an example? Do you mean the set of permutations of (labeled) edges induced by permutations of vertices?

rburing gravatar imagerburing ( 2019-08-01 11:50:06 +0200 )edit

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answered 2019-08-25 21:45:25 +0200

updated 2019-10-19 18:17:28 +0200

What about g.line_graph().automorphism_group()?

In most cases this group coincides with the edge automorphism group (see for instance

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Asked: 2019-08-01 11:21:31 +0200

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