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What could be reasons for latex() output to stop working?

asked 2019-04-29 13:49:14 +0200

stockh0lm gravatar image

updated 2019-04-29 20:23:57 +0200

In the past i used the latex() output to generate latex source to use in my paper. This stopped working at some point, on three independent linux systems. Even sage scripts that produced such latex source code in the past don't do so anymore.

for example

epsilon_0 = var('epsilon_0', latex_name=r'\varepsilon_0')

produces no output, not on the command line nor in my emacs Sage output buffer.

I assume i must have broken something. Where can I look? i use debian, and the debian sage packages to install and use sage.

Edit: correction: on two of the three system the latex() command does nothing, on the third it works. I can use that third system to generate the latex source for now. But it would be swell to fix on the other systems, too. The third system where it works is an Ubuntu, where i installed sage from source.

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answered 2019-04-29 19:33:09 +0200

vdelecroix gravatar image

This command does return a latex object

sage: epsilon_0 = var('epsilon_0', latex_name=r'\varepsilon_0')
sage: obj = latex(epsilon_0)

This object obj can be displayed via, for example, the print statement (or function if you moved to more Python3 complient coding)

sage: print obj

Depending where you use this function (the console or the notebook or in a script?) then the command latex(epsilon_0) alone might produce or not a display on the screen.

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You are right, it was where the latex output worked. I think i didn't use it on my local linux yet.

stockh0lm gravatar imagestockh0lm ( 2019-04-29 20:25:14 +0200 )edit

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