How can i estimate kinitic parameter of a steady-state reactor?

asked 2018-10-31 22:19:03 +0200

i want to solve a system of ODE with some unknown parameters(k1,k2,k3): dC1/dx=-k1C1/(1+k1C1) ; dC2/dx=k1C1/(1+k1C1)-k2C2 ; dC3/dx=k2C2-k3*C3 ; and i have a set of experimental (4 experiment resulu) where values of C1,C2,C3 at x=0(inlet point) and x=1(end point). i don't have any data between x=[0:1] to solve it with ODE function like ode45 or ode23, ... and then use optimization can i solve this problem in matlab?

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