problem running Sage on MacOS 10.14, Mojave

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I recently installed on my Mac and ran it under macOS 10.13, High Sierra with no problems. A few days later I noticed that became available, so I installed that version, too, again with no problems under macOS 10.13, High Sierra. But then a few days later I upgraded my MacOS to 10.14 Mojave, and I have had problems getting Sage to run properly.

After clicking on the Sage app, the browser icon "bounces" in the dock for a few minutes before stopping altogether, and Sage never starts at all.

Oddly enough, I have actually been able to run both sage-8.4.rc1-OSX_10.13.6 as well as my older copy of Sage 8.3 under Mojave if I wait for a minute or a minute and a half for the browser to start and then another few seconds for Sage to start. But neither sage-8.4-OSX_10.13.6-x86_64 nor sage-8.4-OSX_10.11.6-x86_64 can be persuaded to run at all.

The long startup time with sage-8.4.rc1 is a very minor issue, and I have been getting along pretty well with it. I am not particularly enamored of the Mojave release, and I could always reinstall High Sierra if necessary.

Has anyone else seen these problems? If so, I thought maybe the developers would like to know about it.

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Probably a different issue, but each time I start 8.4 on MacOS 10.14 Mojave, I get a pop-up window indicating that the gcc command requires installation of the developer command line tools. However, about half a minute later Sage does start as usual, opening the Jupyter home screen and everything appears to work fine. So far, I ignored the pop-up and did not install the command line tools...

Tony-64 gravatar imageTony-64 ( 2018-11-02 09:35:14 -0600 )edit