Speed up simplify_full() on large expression via parallel?

asked 2018-03-16 16:45:18 +0200

DanialBagh gravatar image

I have a rather long expression which was obtained from some calculations done by Sage. I am trying to apply different commands like simplify_full(), expand(), trig_reduce(), etc. on it but it is working very slowly. Is there a way to parallelize this operation? I think this should be possible because the operation is theoretically parallelizable. For example, if the expression has 10,000 terms, Sage might be able try to split it into 5 x 2000 term parts and run each one in 5 core (totally 5 cores from 8 cores on my CPU) and then in the end add up the simplified 5 parts and then try to simplify that again. I'm not sure if this is the proper way of doing it, so if there are easier ways, please tell me, I just want to manipulate my expression as quickly as possible.

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