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Using Sage plotting capability on data from PARI/GP (1)

asked 2018-02-09 16:20:43 +0200

RuudH gravatar image

This is a short follow-up question from this one.

I would like to produce an implicit plot (a contour plot where the real or imaginary values of a function are zero):

implicit_plot(lambda x,y:g(x+y*I),(x,-3,3),(y,-3,3))

This works fine, however I want to use GP/Pari to evaluate the zeta function and therefore wrote:

implicit_plot(lambda x,y:real_part(g(x+y*I)),(x,-3,3),(y,-3,3))

but then keep getting an error message:

PARI/GP ERROR: at top-level: sage[45020]=sage[16][1] ^--- incorrect type in _[_] OCcompo1 [not a vector] (t_REAL).*

For 'normal' plots like this one:

plot(lambda x:(g(x)),(x,3,6))

the interface with GP works fine, so I probably do something wrong using multiple variables or complex numbers? It doesn't seem to be zeta-function specific (like the pole at s=1), since it also fails for e.g. the cos-function.

Grateful for any advice on how to make this work.


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answered 2018-02-09 17:31:32 +0200

tmonteil gravatar image

The issue is the following:

sage: a = g(2+I) ; a
1.1503557032549026717428499347448667156 - 0.43753086591960788111752789859284305987*I
sage: type(a)
<class ''>
sage: real(a)
TypeError: Error executing code in GP

So, Sage is not able to take the real part of a GP complex number. Let me suggest to first transform the GP number into a Sage Complex Double Element, and then work with that:

sage: CDF(a)
1.1503557032549028 - 0.4375308659196079*I
sage: real(CDF(a))

So that you can do:

sage: implicit_plot(lambda x,y:real_part(CDF(g(x+y*I))),(-3,3),(-3,3))
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That's it! Many thanks for your help, tmonteil. I am really impressed by the speed of response and the expertise on this forum :-)

RuudH gravatar imageRuudH ( 2018-02-09 17:54:15 +0200 )edit

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