Change Precision on complex_roots() [closed]

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I am trying to find the complex roots of the polynomial

poly = x^7 - 6x^6 + 15x^5 - 20x^4 + 15x^3 - 6*x^2 + x

But when I do poly.complex_roots(), the system gives:

 PariError: overflow in expo()

Apparently there are options for how much precision you want when computing roots -- one option is to use Pari, which is the high-precision option, and the other NumPy, which is the low-precision option. The default is set to use Pari, which apparently overloads when I try to compute the roots of this polynomial (and many others as well, this polynomial is just one example).

How do I change the complex_roots() function to get lower-precision roots?

Alternatively, how do I deal with the PariError?

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