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constructing random connected graph

asked 2017-10-01 10:58:31 -0600

Kuldeep gravatar image

How one can construct all possible simple connected graphs on a given number of vertices?

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answered 2017-10-01 12:12:43 -0600

tmonteil gravatar image

You can use graphs.nauty_geng, for example, if you want to iterate over all connected graphs of length 7, you can do:

  sage: gen = graphs.nauty_geng("7 -c")
  sage: for g in gen:
  ....:     do some stuff with g

See graphs.nauty_geng? for more details.

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Thanks for reply

Kuldeep gravatar imageKuldeep ( 2017-10-01 12:40:35 -0600 )edit

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Asked: 2017-10-01 10:58:31 -0600

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