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how do I get sage terminal to not crash on OS 10?

asked 2017-09-07 17:43:19 +0200

updated 2017-09-07 19:24:04 +0200

kcrisman gravatar image

This is the message I receive:

Last login: Thu Sep  7 10:19:25 on ttys003
jsc4857:~ stevehennagin$ /Users/stevehennagin/Documents/; exit
| Sage Version 5.11, Release Date: 2013-08-13                        |
| Type "notebook()" for the browser-based notebook interface.        |
| Type "help()" for help.                                            |
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/Users/stevehennagin/Documents/", line 6, in <module>
    from sage.misc.interpreter import SageTerminalApp
  File "/Users/stevehennagin/Documents/", line 67, in <module>
    import os, log, re, new, sys
  File "/Users/stevehennagin/Documents/", line 65, in <module>
    import latex
  File "/Users/stevehennagin/Documents/", line 51, in <module>
    import shutil, re
  File "/Users/stevehennagin/Documents/", line 12, in <module>
    import collections
  File "/Users/stevehennagin/Documents/", line 9, in <module>
    from operator import itemgetter as _itemgetter, eq as _eq
ImportError: dlopen(/Users/stevehennagin/Documents/, 2): Symbol not found: __PyUnicodeUCS4_AsDefaultEncodedString
  Referenced from: /Users/stevehennagin/Documents/
  Expected in: flat namespace
 in /Users/stevehennagin/Documents/
Saving session...
...copying shared history...
...saving history...truncating history files...

[Process completed]
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answered 2017-09-07 19:27:34 +0200

kcrisman gravatar image

Looks like your version of OS X is not compatible with this particular binary. First suggestion is to upgrade to Sage 8.0; Sage 5.11 is quite old. Second, exactly what version of OS X (and possibly which chip) do you have? That may help us diagnose the exact problem. This is the sort of message that occurs with this incompatibility on many occasions.

Finally, my answer, if you are using command line anyway, is to try compiling from source. Just typing git in a command line should ask it to download the command line tools, and then you can more or less follow these instructions. Good luck!

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Asked: 2017-09-07 17:43:19 +0200

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