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How do I profile with %lprun in Cocalc?

asked 2017-08-04 17:23:54 +0200

Hi, I'm trying to profile using %lprun in Cocalc, but it says that the decorator is not defined. How do I import it?

Best wishes Isaia

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answered 2017-08-04 18:25:09 +0200

Found an alternative solution, this snippet does line profiling of f and of the function g called inside f

def f(a,b,c):
     return a,y

from line_profiler import LineProfiler

lp = LineProfiler()
lp_wrapper = lp(f)

s,t = lp_wrapper(a,b,c)
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Asked: 2017-08-04 17:23:54 +0200

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