3d isosurface contour plot from list/3d matrix

asked 2017-07-31 16:38:09 +0200

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I want to make a 3d isosurface contour plot from 3d matrix data. Since the mayavi package, as far as I know, isn't compatible with python 3, I can't use it anymore.

The only way which should work, is opening an interface to GNU octave, which is able to make such plots. What I would like to know, if there exist easier ways to do that.

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Please be more explicit, give a minimal example that may connect the question with sage and/or python (2.7) . What is an isosurface and what is its contour plot? (Simply a plot?) What kind of 3d matrix (?) data is used and how does it determines points in $\mathbb R^3$. (And how do we construct the (iso)surface out of it?)

If octave can plot, which is the octave command line?

Should the plotted data be used further in a pdf, in a web document?

dan_fulea gravatar imagedan_fulea ( 2017-08-02 00:32:03 +0200 )edit